Undoubtly, the creation of comfort and airconditioning to perform daily human activities has had a sighnificant impact on his productivity and efficiency, and the importance of this matter has led to create an industry called airconditioning.
Therefor, airconditioning systems and it’s implementation methods has dramatically changed in recent years in order to increase the quality and efficiency of this matter and on the other hand to reduce energy consumption.
Nikmetal industrial group started to work relying on technical knowledge and efforts of engineers and indigenous youth in Guilan province and Lahidjan city in 2015 with the aim of achieving the major goals of ressistance economy, production and employment and also, to meet the needs of factories and installation & aircondition industry activists, in order to prevent the imports of irregular and poor quality products from other countries.
Initialy, the company began to manufacture floor-standing boilers for residential and industrial buildings and becames a reliable brand for consumers with production of high quality family of these products.

Considering the growth and development of the installation industry in the country and the necessity of meeting the needs of this industry in the field of production and implementation, the nikmetal group relying on the aid of god almighty and effort and willingness of iranian engineers using the highest level of knowledge and technology in the field of CNC lathing by CNC&NC machines, heavy hot forging press machines and the most uptodate welding methods in vacume conditions and fully automatic incision, has responded to the domestic needs of the industry in the country and also in the fowlloing step, has decided to export to neighboring countries, Europe and …
Currently, the range of products of this company includes all type of fittings for installation of heating equipments and also the components for wall hung and floor-standing boilers, burners, fittings and connections of integrated piping systems and…, to present for manufacturers and activists and supply the components and accessories of this major industry in country. With the efforts and perseverance of the youth and engineers of this complex, we hope to take a major step towards the employment and growth of our beloved homeland, Iran.

Maziyar Nikdel

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